Clinical Division

Clinical Division

At Capstone Management Group, we bring extensive expertise in the healthcare field to our clients, which offers an advantage on many levels. As the medical field evolves, we’re able to identify new opportunities and make greater connections. For example, we’ve seen firsthand the devastating lack of resources available to those with mental and substance use challenges, resulting in creation of specialty facilities dedicated to identifying solutions.

Our unique medical/clinical division serves the needs of our clients in dedicated ways.

Specialty Provider Networks & Clinics

  • Legacy Provider Network: a workers’ compensation specialty provider network in Nevada.
  • Insight Behavioral Health Network: a network of highly focused addiction and behavioral health doctors, counselors and professionals who provide the highest quality service to the Northern Nevada market.

Specialty Facilities

  • Brain Health Restoration is a healthcare innovation company focused on identifying, diagnosing, and treating brain conditions. Through advances in brain science and the use of patented, leading-edge technology, we are committed to optimizing individual quality of life and helping employers more effectively manage health-related productivity and profitability challenges.
  • Consolidated Program Insurance Services, Inc. is an accident and health risk managing general underwriter. CPINS underwrites business with a number of “A” rated insurance carriers, offering competitive underwriting through customized special risk program design. The firm provides blanket special risk products that include:
    • occupational and non-occupational accident plans
    • interscholastic and intercollegiate catastrophic accident
    • ski areas (EEs and participants)
    • youth sports
    • volunteer plans
    • student accident (including foreign students)
    • fishing vessel crew accident
    • day care centers
    • numerous other unique product applications.
  • Capstone Specialty Risk: Capstone Specialty Risk , a Managing General Underwriter, specializes in:
    • standard and complex disability insurance
    • life insurance
    • reinsurance risks

CSR’s combination of both a unique underwriting approach and access to global carrier and reinsurance capacity supports its facility, its innovative product development, and an overarching entrepreneurial spirit.

The team at CSR understands that each client has a unique set of unusual and complex risk. As a result, CSR designs, manufactures, and delivers a wide range of unique insurance and reinsurance products, consistently delivering the highest standards of underwriting and claims.