Capstone Management Group is the holding company for a number of diverse yet integrated companies. We are industry leaders in insurance and healthcare, with a reputation for entrepreneurial vision, spirit and overall capability in delivering quality insurance products, product components and distribution as a single source.

The range of products and services available to our clients sets us apart and provides an industry advantage, as our highly integrated and innovative management framework can quickly respond to the demands of the rapidly changing insurance and healthcare industries.

By combining insurance/reinsurance operations with corporate clinical/medical management capabilities, we serve our core strengths while also allowing for future growth through built-in interlocks. By focusing on cross-functional collaborations, we optimize outcomes for our clients and remain committed to further growth and diversification.


Capstone Management Group, an insurance/reinsurance and clinical health care holding company, is an industry-leading resource company. In the markets we serve, we provide excellence in service as well as creative and quality solutions for our clients/customers.

Our work environment at Capstone encourages a team approach, thus creating an atmosphere of shared goals. Our focus is on implementing efficient and cost-effective solutions that enable Capstone and our clients to achieve financial goals.


Capstone Management Group’s vision is to satisfy our clients’ insurance and medical management needs, thereby helping them succeed in achieving their financial goals.