Capstone Management Group is a comprehensive resource company, one that is committed to the customization of solutions for our clients seeking a variety of financial and medical management programs. We design unique structures that address client needs, affording them better terms and conditions, resulting in better efficiencies and making use of improved economies of scale.

Our goal: to build the programs that best align resources and serve our clients’ needs.

Comprehensive services:

Multidimensional, customized risk and alternative risk solutions

Captive formation and management

Management of general underwriting with proven underwriting systems

Claims and risk management

Competitive and unique products tailored to client needs

Extensive network of affiliate resources

Provider network development and management

Reinsurance intermediary services

Actuarial support

Program management functioning managing general agents and managing general underwriters

What sets Capstone apart:

Our founders are industry innovators in the insurance and reinsurance sectors and in healthcare/medical management.

Our facility carries and reinsures the highest industry financial rating from both in admitted assets and policy holders’ surplus

We have a unique combination of underwriting expertise that allows us to design customized programs to support client needs.

We have extensive business experience, helping us quickly recognize the attributes of a particular risk.

We function as an MSO, offering healthcare-specific administration and management services to physicians and physician practices and form, own, and manage provider networks.

We maintain wholesale and retail facilities

Ancillary healthcare clinical products and services as one source offering multiple solutions.